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Day 11… My day turned out even better because I didn’t pay any attention to my plans!


Do you ever have mornings where you wake up and are full of energy and feel the momentum of getting everything achieved only to find it fizzles out before you have even started? Today I had planned my day but it turned out completely different. I had a few ‘to do’s’ on my list and got NONE of them done! I didn’t go into the local village to do some shopping, I didn’t start my drawing practise, I didn’t even wash my hair. And all the while I was thinking about what I should do, all I wanted to do, was make some art.

mixed media girl

The problem was that I haven’t done any drawing for a few weeks and I soon get out of practise. So then I start to feel a pressure to create something really good and then when I start it turns out really crap. This happens quite often… Try as I may to fix it – the magic just doesn’t happen. Sad Face alert… For me, the best solution is firstly; not to worry about it, and secondly, just play!


So that’s what I did. First I added some black and red paint to my LOVE project. I didn’t have any heavy body paint so I just mixed in a little modelling paste and that worked a treat. Then I found a few extra embelishments to add once everything on today’s layer is dry. You really do need patience to wait for each layer to dry. The spaghetti of threads took about a day and a half to dry and that was after putting it outside in the sun yesterday. Once I had done that I found I had lots of red paint left so I dug out my Life Restoration  Book (follow link to the corresponding Brave Girls class) from one of the storage boxes in the van. I started stencilling to use up the spare paint. I hate wasting paint! After that I found some alcohol markers which I bought cheaply from The Works (shop) right before we left the UK. So I doodle the little girl in the above photo. I don’t know how to use the markers at all but it didn’t matter because I was just playing! And I had fun and it reminded me that life REALLY is about being in the moment and REALLY noticing the little things.



I read through the words which I wrote for my LOVE project and that made me focus on why love is so important and it brought a realisation as to what this project has helped me remember… Coupling together the ideas of; appreciating in the moment the simple things in life WITH the pure motivation of love behind every single act leads us on the path of JOY. And that is what doing this project has brought to the forefront of my mind. And, now it is on the cover of my newest (and completely blank inside) art journal it will remind me that everyday, in everyway possible to choose love. And, it’s OK if I make crap art somedays too!


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. X

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