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Day 10… Rituals, routines and reflections…


It is so peaceful here and now we are having some consistency with sunny days it changes our entire experience. I have actually been seeking shade this afternoon it is so hot. My bones are warm and I love it! We have been here almost three weeks now and finally I am starting to settle in. It takes me different amounts of time depending on so many factors. The longer we are staying somewhere the longer it seems to take me to feel at home. I knew it was starting to happen yesterday once I unpacked my art studio.


To help with this process I have been re-visitng my routines and rituals. Creature of habit. A morning routine of laundry, dressing, smoothies and coffee makes me feel like I know where I am if that makes sense. Little evening rituals and a weekly schedule too keeps me on track to enable me to relax into being creative. I like being in clean organised surroundings. A simple backdrop to my busy, dizzy, creative side.


One outdoor office in the morning and another in the afternoon dependent on where the sun is. It’s much too beautiful out here to be inside. I am pinching myself today and am feeling such gratitude. I remember how hard it was to make the final decision just before putting our house on the market and feeling that I was losing all my security. “I’m going to miss our garden,” I had said to James. “But the whole world will be our garden, silly,” he had said. And it’s so true. Everywhere we have been in the last year and a half has been beautiful and to think I wouldn’t have experienced any of it if I hadn’t been able to let go.


So, for me today I am having a quietly productive day intertwined with gratitude and reflection. I am just so content today. Going through one of my full-up notebooks I found a list we made of our requirements from accomodation on our travels and adventures. This list has been finely tuned during this time and lets the Universe know what it is we are after. This place fills every request (and more) on that list! Thank you Universe. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


Don’t be mistaken though, I will be the first to acknowledge that it is not always easy… There are all sorts of challenges and obstacles to face on our journey with an unknown destination. And to not have a permanent base certainly feels strange and unsettling at times. But I am so glad we did not stay where we KNEW we didn’t belong. Right now, this feels like an awesome place to call home for a few months and that is more than good enough for me.


Thanks for reading my post! X


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