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Creative Bubbles, Ideas Fairies and Big Magic!

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I am living in a creative bubble right now which could probably be more accurately described as a chaotic whirl-wind. I get up with the sun and walk the wildness of Great Orme every morning and have been receiving insights and inspirations beyond my wildest dreams.

I am absolutely overwhelmed by all the ideas (‘fairies!’) that have been appearing and also how this is quickly leading me to take the necessary action steps to put everything into place. So much is going on – I am living dizzy with the intoxication of it all. I recently joined two on-line retreats and they were both intensely inspiring. I am still spinning too much, taking in all the creative goodness to speak in detail about it here. The last few weeks have been a shifting time of BIG Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert book) and I am absolutely loving it. I am constantly trying to catch my breath.

I have planned for some time now to stretch out my fairy legs into the world of on-line workshop offerings. To be honest, the thought of making and sharing myself on video filled me with some fairly serious tremors of fear. But after doing the two online courses and working through my (imagined) issues it seems I have just naturally jumped in and have even uploaded my first vlog this week. (It’s in my newly created free art journaling group on Facebook.) If someone would have told me that I was going to make a video even last week, I would have laughed a lot and then run off to hide under a very large bush. But I did it. I let go of my limiting beliefs. I freed myself from the constrictive doubt and have now moved forwards into the wonderland of video. Clearing the way to now film the workshops I have wanted to create for quite some time. And I have such passion and energy around it all. It really does feel like magic.

If you follow my social media you might have seen me mention the ideas fairies that keep popping up. And lately, they wake me in the middle of the night too. I am exhausted and have barely slept for weeks now! If you have read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book – Big Magic you will know what I mean here. But basically it is the concept that an idea is a separate ‘thing’ or ‘fairy’ that wants to become manifest. So, it will find the right person for the job and then basically bother you until you do the work to make it happen. And if you don’t have time, energy or inclination then the ‘fairy’ goes off and knocks on someone elses door… Elizabeth Gilbert describes in Big Magic how this happened to her with one of the books she outlined but never got to write – but someone else did! Exactly the same story! Very interesting indeed…

Anyway I will sign off and go back to all my ‘fairies,’ who are calling me to finish all my many projects of – writing my seven workshops, painting projects, art and journaling, book writing and poetry (yes I have been writing poetry too!) and, my newly created project of ‘Freedom Journaling,’ – more to come about this soon and if you can’t wait then there is the free group on Facebook. Basically, I have encompassed my particular style of journaling into the concept of getting, FREE, or what I like to call ‘Freedom Journaling.’ I have experienced so many shifts, miracles and healing through my journals especially over the past 4 years of constant travels, that I wanted to share this process of inner alchemy. It’s very much a self-developed art therapy. About 5 months ago, everything just clicked into place for me and I have since written a seven step/week process to introduce and teach this concept more deeply. I am finalising the course now and will start filming and bringing it together very soon. I want it to be life changing! It certainly has been for me and I can’t wait to share…
As always, thanks for reading my blog. Xx

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  1. Kim Forman says...

    Yay! How exciting! I’m thrilled that you are going for it. Your work is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! ❤

    • Wendy replied...

      Thank you so much! Xxx