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Book Review: The Ribbons are for Fearlessness…

The Ribbons are for Fearlessness

I have never been asked to review a book before so when I received an email from Summersdale, the publisher of this book (written along-side an EP of hauntingly emotional songs, see link below,)  I felt pretty honoured actually. And, I have really enjoyed the process of reading (on the beach!) and reviewing this book.

The fact that there is an Alan Watts quote at the beginning meant I immediately wanted to read more as his talk about choosing how to spend your time, was one of my great inspirations before setting off on my own expedition to find my freedom. And inspired me to write my blog post ‘Do what you Love.’

The book; The Ribbons are for Fearlessness, is about someone who experiences great sadness and loss and decides to travel solo in her make-shift camper-van on a quest to see the midnight sun. Based on real life experiences the writer, Catrina Davies, gives her whole honest self in the telling of this story. With a broken heart and the recent death of a close friend, the main character sets off on her big adventure and if I wasn’t having an adventure myself right now it would definitely have inspired me to forget my fears and just go for it!

The Ribbons are for Fearlessness

The story led me on a journey with its twists and turns, which were often surprising; revealing important and unexpected character traits. It shares what it is like to find the courage to do the things that most scare you, and, how being free and doing what we love are important questions to ask of ourselves. It speaks of dealing with a lack of comforts during a period of mourning and finding strength when you need it most. The story doesn’t just paint the charms and romance of her gypsy travels but gives an honest all-round rendition of difficulties encountered along the way.

Up to chapter four I was enjoying the easy reading of a sad yet sweet tale. And then she meets someone. No! Not anyone you might expect. She meets a magical friend! My favourite part… I won’t share more because I don’t want to spoil it but this truly changes many things for our main character. It is here she does her greatest learning and growing, opening up to the next phase of her journey. I didn’t want this part of the story to end.

I loved the fact this book talked to me. There are certain synchronicities to my own current life. After a little research I found out the editor also lives on a Greek Island and indeed not too far from where I am now, wintering on Crete. (See her blog here… An Octopus in my Ouzo!) Then there are the obvious similarities like travelling around Europe in a self-adapted camper van, but other  ones like; the desire to follow an unconventional life outside the mainstream ideal to find freedom. And, one particular place mentioned in the book, where we plan to go, keeps coming up unexpectedly! She (the main character) is much braver than me and it inspires me to feel I could do some of the stuff I maybe believed I couldn’t do. It gives me hope. Thank you. x

The only negative point for me was the fact that the ‘magical’ character wasn’t in the story long enough. I would have loved to know more about this intriguing influence.

As in life, the book reflects the up and downs and the ebbs and flows. (Words influenced from living on the beach!) When she loses faith there is always someone or something to guide her to the next part. Someone wonderful she meets teaches her about courage and what it truly means as defined in the Latin dictionary:

‘Courage,’ he read aloud, ‘means to be who you are with your whole heart. To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.’ And after reading this book and listening to the songs I believe that is exactly what Catrina Davies has done. I am completely charmed…

The Ribbons are for Fearlessness, published 1st of March 2014 is available here… And, for a FREE download of the Ribbons EP; six songs written to accompany the book, click on the picture below.

Ribbons EP


The cover is designed by Torre De Roche and I am about to start reading her book; Love with a Chance of Drowning


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  1. barbara says...

    hi wendy i,m an avid reader and would love this book. have you read “the island “, its all about spinalonga the leper colony. lotsa love to you barbara xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Wendy replied...

      thanks Barbara, I haven’t read the book but wasn’t that the story made into the film of the same name, the island? I have seen that… but thankyou for your recommendation, I will certainly check it out. And also, thank you for reading my review! you are the best xxxxx

  2. jan says...

    and ‘I am completely charmed’ by your review Wendy, you certainly have inspired me to want to read this book,and the other one you mentioned too. Thank you Jan

    • Wendy replied...

      XXX Thanks Jan! Let me know what you think of the book(s) when you have read them!