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Fairy Secret

I have started drawing again and have not felt any pressure to do so; it has just been a natural development now I have the luxury of time on my hands. The forms have come quite easily considering I haven’t been creative for quite some time. I wanted to work more on the poses as it is my intention to convey more of the fairie’s emotions… Each fairy has quite an individual persona but I want to express more… and also simplify my drawings so they look really basic; creating the feeling with just a line or gesture. This has been a challenge as my work still feels very tight and I want to loosen up. The more I draw, the more I open up but when I draw it takes time for the work to flow… I have learned which parts of the drawing to free up and which parts need particular attention. I have also noticed that tiny subtleties in pose can change the emotion quite dramatically and I have helped this process by re-drawing the fairies until I am happy with their body language.

I also have been focussed on faces and hair, again to accentuate any emotion I am trying to convey… They are now evolving into a new thoughtful series which mirrors my own journey as I am entering my own thoughts and dreams of what is to come…

My school teacher days are over, thank goodness… My shoulders feel light as the last remnants of stress disappear, as if by magic, into thin air. No more thoughts of paperwork, deadlines, monitoring, Ofsted, multi-tasking to beyond the point of madness. I don’t need coffee to function anymore! I have to admit to things I will miss though… mainly colleagues and the supportive network we created to care for each others’ well-being. Wow, some incredible people… I will miss special moments of being with the children, but due to being busy spinning 200 plates, and the juggling of 100 balls being the norm of any day; these moments are rare and sometimes even missed… Another casualty of the cuts, cuts, cuts that our government thinks is an acceptable way to save money… Something will have to give though and they would be wise to remember that when deciding which public sector cuts to make next. And indeed, if our future lies in the hands of the next generation, then doesn’t it make sense to ensure these little minds are nutured properly within our education system? If the educators are being pushed to breaking point how will they be able to give energy in the classroom, both in educating and personal support to the children who so desperately need it? Some of whom haven’t got the benefit of a loving family to show them the way. We therefore fail, as although learning to read, write and calculate are important functions in our current world, what about children who can’t relate, give/receive love or communicate in an acceptable manner, simply because there is no-one to model these basic functions? Our state system tries to cover these gaps for our young people but, due to the individuals who have the responsibility of this task being spread ever more thinly; is it going to be enough? So, although I move away from this role I do send my love to all who continue to teach and do an amazing job at it too… x

Back to drawing then for me… more sketches to come, and I might do some painting too as these fairies need some colour and a little bit of magic. Will upload as they evolve, where all comments will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks for reading…

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  1. Becky says...

    An amazing teacher (and mentor to me) but also an amazing artist! I am just thankful that you were still teaching when I was learning the ropes of becoming an ‘educator’! Wishing you lots of luck on your new journey (your art is absolutely amazing!)
    Love Becky xxx