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It’s getting to that time of year when many of us are naturally drawn to evaluating our experiences of the last twelve months… THE time when we like to review our accomplishments and look back on getting through some tough times too. I have had a lot of big life changes this year and looking back and writing really helps me catch my breath. I recently stumbled on some wonderful writing prompts from Tess Marshall; The Bold Life (see below) and have begun collecting some inspirations and quotes to see me into the New Year. I love working in my journals and art books and in fact have five different ones with me on my travels. Well, I started out with 3… and have acquired another 2 along the way! I had great trouble choosing which art journals and notebooks to bring with me and before leaving the UK I went back to where what remains of our stuff is stored, and collected my ‘Life Restoration‘ book. I had missed it like an old friend and couldn’t imagine continuing without it! I love the soul searching courses from the Brave Girls website and how you get to play and create.


Up until recently, I haven’t really stopped travelling long enough to continue working in this book, but after deciding that we are standing still for the next few months; I promptly emptied the campervan of all art supplies and now there is no stopping me! It’s luxury to have space to spread out my art stuff and have pages and canvasses drying to prepare for the next layer. I have had pages with glitter and gold paints drying in the sunshine today! I have been getting up each morning and it all makes me so happy! (More photos of actual artwork is usually posted up on my facebook page…)


We are slowly exploring the West side of Crete. Getting out into nature to appreciate the sunshine at this time of year. Yes, there are colder, rainy days but when the sun comes out… it comes out! I have recently experienced the most magical places I have ever been to in my life. There are beaches with millions of tiny seashells in the pink sand, lagoons with bright turquoise clear waters and gorges with the most dramatic scenery I have ever seen. I know I am a lucky girl.

There are things I miss… friends and family and raspberry tea! But I am loving our adventures… Wondering already where we will be heading to after our winter here…

Well, I wish everyone a really happy New Year, full of JOY, kindness and dreams coming true…

Here are the journal prompts in full that I mention above, I would add another few questions to the list below but my all time favourite soul searching question into finding out what you truly desire in your life… Mentioned in a previous blog post I know… but worth mentioning again… If money were no object, how would you CHOOSE to spend your time??? From Alan Watts.

23 Short & Powerful Questions for Reflection on 2013. Set aside an hour or two of quiet time. Get in a relaxed state and write out your answers.

  1. What worked in my life this past year?
  2. What did not work?
  3. What brought me happiness?
  4. What brought me disappointment?
  5. Where was I successful?
  6. What were my greatest challenges/lessons?
  7. What did I learn from each of them?
  8. What am I most proud of?
  9. What do I most regret?
  10. Who do I need to apologize to?
  11. Who do I need to forgive?
  12. What areas in my life do I need to improve?
  13. What limiting beliefs did I shift?
  14. What new habits did I create?
  15. When did I follow my intuition?
  16. When did I ignore my intuition and regret it later?
  17. How did I grow, improve and expand myself?
  18. What negative belief, emotions, drama or people do I need to release?
  19. How much love did I withhold from myself and others? How much did I share?
  20. What actions do I need to take before the New Year?
  21. What new habits do I want to take with me into the New Year?
  22. What do I want my intention to be for 2014?


Tess Marshall
The Bold Life

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  1. Suzy R says...

    Swooshie, it was so good to hear from you! I would love to stay in touch; I am so inspired by your art and adventures.

    Crete sounds wonderful….I have wanted to go there ever since I read The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart when i was about 14.

    I am loving the new place-it’s so compact and comfortable and I’ve done it up with lots of color (although i still haven’t even come close to unpacking!)

    I’ve also been doing a fair amount of art-I’m doing a Jane Davenport class to up my figure drawing, and I’m thinking about signing up for Life Book 2014.

    Like the Bold Life prompts (and you are certainly living it!) and I think maybe I’ll do those for a New Year’s exercise!

    Thanks so much for writing, and see you in the New Year!
    love from Suzy

    • Wendy replied...

      hey suzy xxx thanks for lovely comments. i am so glad you are settling into your new nest, with lots of colour and art… the way to go! enjoy all your courses! So glad also to stay in touch. Do you have a place where you post your art to? xxx

  2. jan says...

    Lovely to hear your news. Happy New Exciting Year to you both x

    • Wendy replied...

      thanks Jan, happiness to you too xxx