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A Poem – My Way Back Home…


My Way Back Home…

(Written – 18 August 11.06am)

This butterfly Moon Moth,
who once was a girl,

Alternating in her dark and lightness.

Flutters, flickers, stumbles, falls,

This butterfly, no longer cage-shamed,

She Herself, is coming out.


Shining my own Unique Light,
I am Phoenix Rising

from ashes of self-inflicted hibernation.

My portal has been activated.

Keys to Freedom are recovered.

I have found my way back to the Fairy Realms,


Those hidden Doorways already revealed,
once hidden behind the Patience of Impatience,

just step through each one, as I encounter,

I am comforted, safe, returned,

At first, a shy peek, from behind each veil,

I am welcomed here.


I have received my Invitation,
with Goddess Guidance and Invocation,

I have eaten the Fairy Food,

I Rise, Wild and Free, and claim my space,

I Dance, I Breathe, I sing out in belonging.

In remembering, I am delivered, Home….


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