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A new fairy in progress…


I am having such a  fun day… just playing… Experimenting with colours and techniques and trying anything I feel like really. I love to see what happens as the fairy appears right before my eyes. For this one I have created a softer look with some lovely graphics from the graphics fairy who I credit here and truly recommend. Thank you.

Most of the challenging work in these definitely occurs during the drawing stage where a lot of frustrating rubbing out takes place. But, once the face and body language begin to form it’s just a process of adding wings and her tiny feet. I have had so much great feedback on this new set of fairies for which I am genuinely grateful for. I can only make the art that comes out of me and if others like it too then it’s a wonderful compliment. ♥

I will get some test prints done this week to see what they come out like. Maybe I will try some bigger versions of these around the A3 size, although they do seem to work so well at the A4 size for an 8×10″ frame. It looks likely that the shop is being redone too so it would be lovely to have lots of new fairies in there… I have decided not to design specific Christmas cards this year as I don’t really feel drawn towards the greetings card design road… I love seeing my art on cards and I love it that they are available for so much less cost than the original paintings but, I just don’t want to work with that specific target in mind… I am having a rethink of what items are to be available in the shop and am going to sell the original paintings too. I am also refining my availability for commission work as well, but more on that at a later time. So, it’s back to FAIRY LAND I go as I need to finalise the artwork. Love to all… x

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