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Wendy Fairie Robinson


“What’s your dream?” he asked, tucking her hair behind her ears.

“Well… It might sound a bit crazy,” she giggled shyly, “but my dream is to change the world. I want to awaken others to the power that is within them. Imagine what a beautiful world this would be if everyone loved themselves and knew their inner worth! Still need to figure out how to do it though!” She smiled.

“No dream is too crazy… And you know how you’ll do it? By being you. By owning your power. By loving yourself. You’ll automatically inspire others to do the same. Like a mirror. Changing the world starts within…”

Yaiya Rosen


WELCOME to Wendy Fairy Art – A place of honouring the natural rhythms of our creative flow, combining art and ritual in a holistic approach to self-discovery, joy, and wild&free expression.

Wendy is an artist, writer and unexpected gypsy. Currently travelling full-time, she creates art, teaches art and truly believes, art is medicine.

Fairy Whisperings…

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A Fairy Story…


Inspired and encouraged by her artistic mother, She has always loved making art and being creative. She started observational drawing at around 7 years old when she used to sit in her garden drawing from nature or paint Holly Hobbies or Oriental ladies. At school her work was showcased outside the head teacher’s office and later on she exhibited in local galleries.

After having her daughter she went on to study a fine-art degree, first in Yorkshire (where she met Mr. H!) and then in Leicester where she sold most of her work. At that time she was working on a much larger scale using oil-paints and inspired by architecture as her subject matter. She loves arches and windows! But Wendy was instinctively drawn to the female form and found a natural talent in life drawing class. For the past few years she has been fascinated by the world of magical and spiritual beings, working an intuitive & organic process in the creation of her works.

All the paintings are dedicated to her BEAUTIFUL flower fairy daughter Jasmine… Who is a constant inspiration to her.



Wendy is a very passionate advocate of journaling and has recently encompassed her own unique style of journaling into the concept of getting – ‘FREE’, or what she likes to call – ‘FREEDOM Journaling.’ She has experienced so many shifts, miracles and healing through working in her journals, especially over the past four years of constant travels, that she wanted to share this process of inner alchemy. It’s very much a self-directed form of art therapy. You can join in for free, just click the button in the left-hand-side-bar. You would be most welcome. Xx


A few words from Wendy about Freedom Journaling…


“Do you want to Art Journal with me? In a safe, closed and private place? Here I share the inner world of my art journaling process at a much deeper more intimate level, with videos, chats, journal pages and musings. It is a gathering place where we share our stories, our journeys, and our journals. A holistic approach. If you already journal or have never journalled before – this is for you. You don’t need to be an artist, a writer, or be able to draw. It’s just a place for dream-weaving, for BIG personal transformations and inner alchemy. I will show you; how the magic works for me, how I put all the fragments together, how I find my treasures and share secrets that I don’t usually share. Join me there, in the Freedom Journalling Group. You will be most welcome. Love from Wendy Xxx.”


Wendy offers private, online, art tuition and mentoring where she teaches the practical skills of making art, side-by-side with the spiritual, mental & emotional aspects, essential to developing a more fully embodied artistic expression. Finding your own truth, authenticity & unique style. You ask the questions and find the answers, together.

She is also available for commissions. If you are looking for something uniquely personal, you can work with her on a bespoke piece.  Contact her & she will forward on her four key questions.



“today i shine my fLAME
ready to face my quest
with absolute trust
I call upon my dragon
and offer the world
the wisdom of my own
unique TRUE Butterfly heart”

©WendyFairyArt 2017