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Wendy Fairie Robinson

I am a mixed media artist and writer living a life of nomadic slow travel. My partner James and I are travelling from place to place around Europe in our van. Currently living in Portugal, searching for a place that feels like home – seeking out our SOUL HOME.

I love to paint fairies, mermaids, angels and goddesses using a variety of media and techniques. My style is still developing as I experiment and play and learn. I work intuitively and from the heart never knowing who is going to appear on my page.

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Inspired and encouraged by my artistic mother, I have always loved making art and being creative. I started observational drawing at around 7 years old when I used to sit in my garden drawing from nature or paint Holly Hobbies or Oriental ladies. At school my work was showcased outside the head’s office and later on I exhibited in local galleries.

After having my baby (Jasmine) I went on to study fine-art, first in Yorkshire and then in Leicester where I sold most of my work or just gave it away… Back then I was working on a much larger scale with oil-paints and using architecture as my subject matter. I love arches and windows! But I was instinctively drawn to the female form and found a natural talent in life drawing class. For the past few years I have been fascinated by fairies, mermaids and magical creatures.

All the paintings are dedicated to my BEAUTIFUL flower fairy daughter Jasmine… Who is a constant inspiration to me.


I am just beginning to offer a small but ever growing range of artwork on Redbubble, I sell original pieces via my website here, just look in my gallery and then message me here. I am also available to do commissions. Just contact me and we can move forwards from there.

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